Animation Art Show

Every year at, what seems to me, a random point somewhere in Autumn, the animation community in Ireland comes together to show off their stuff and raise money for the kiddies.  They call it the Animation Art Show and it’s run by some lovely folk in Boulder Media. This year, the proceeds are going to the Jack and Jill Foundation and the ISPCC.


My little part is to pester my lovely colleagues in Brown Bag Films to get involved, which doesn’t appeal to my introverted corner hugging personality, but forces me to wander around the office looking desperate non the less. We are, by and large, a digital 3D studio, but it generally pays off in the form of prints and cells and such and there are some delightfully tantalising original pieces on their way this year along with these works from Rugrats!


I kinda really want the storyboards, but that is one excellent cell right there.

I also like to take part if I can, and as I’m too insecure to just draw a bloody picture, this usually involves learning some new crafting skills and getting the paint out.  This year, I decided on some cardy cutty outty style work inspired, in part, by my long time love of reading and making pop-up books and, in part, by Britney Lee’s far superior cardy crafts.


There is an order to this chaos. You can tell by the relative position of the tea and the beer…

I want to take a moment to talk about why I entered into my project with some trepidation this time around.  Last year, while in the middle of my project, my husband had to go into hospital.  At the time, we were very much hoping that it would be a short stay and would end up as one scary memory in an otherwise good year.  I brought my work into the hospital to colour while keeping him company.  I got the work done and sent it in, but the hospital stay dragged on, and neither I nor any close friends or family made it to the exhibition.


He was still stuck in hospital by Halloween so we didn’t get to carve pumpkins. I improvised O_o

In May this year, he passed away.  When I came back to work, I told myself I wouldn’t get involved in any extra activities.  Work is enough of a challenge and I obviously don’t have much stamina for extra stress at the moment.  But for some reason I couldn’t help getting dragged back into the art show.  On the one hand, it’s been a great distraction and has given me something to work towards other than just dragging myself out of bed every day.  On the other hand, I’m glad I’m done, because I damn well need some down time now!


Reevle, this is about ten years old… I haven’t gotten any better at drawing, but perhaps my outfit designs are less dumb now…

I haven’t been choc full of new ideas lately and have been doodling characters that I’ve been drawing since I was in school.  The work I submitted was base on one such character called Datoria.  She was a shapeshifer and an artist with an emergent alternative personality that I called Reevle.  Reevle wasn’t so nice to Datoria.  I role played these characters online a fair bit as a teen before I got into any local gaming groups, so they mean a lot to me. (Ooh, that’s the gaming hook!)


More recent sketches of the same concept, maybe a few years old…?

If you’re in Ireland, drop by the Temple Bar Gallery on the 17, 18 and 19th of October for a really good show.  Bring cash on the Sunday if you want to bid on a piece and check out the online catalogue to see what you might fancy.


Hmm, need better photo…

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