Do you Wanna Run a Dungeon?

I often write silly parodies while gaming with my friends just for the laugh, and the time has come to start recording and sharing them.

Obligatory Self Deprication
I’m not a musician, I had to relearn guitar for this and my fingers are really sore.  I have a cough right now and rarely sing anymore anyway, so that was hard too.  If I tried to get a perfect recording it would never be done, so this has to be good enough.  This would be less nerve wracking if most of our followers weren’t people I know in real life, and I know I seem like I have no shame sometimes, but for some reason uploading a fairly hacked together parody has pushed my buttons!  What I’m saying is be nice…


Lyrics to the tune of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman from Frozen

Do you wanna run a dungeon?
Come on, let’s do a raid,
You never seem to have them time to come online,
It’s like you never played.
We used to be quest buddies,
But now we’re not,
End content’s not what you like.
Do you wanna run a dungeon?
It doesn’t have to be a dungeon…
Never mind.

Do you wanna run a dungeon?
The Darkmoon Fair is back in town.
I think I need some real life company,
I’ve started role playing with hunter pets and mounts
[Giddy Up]
It gets a little boring
On low pop servers
Just waiting for new content.

I’ve had enough of solo,
That’s it, I’m logging out,
Why don’t we just play D&D,
Leave setting up to me,
Give the guys a shout.
We can write a brand new story,
You and me,
Do whatever we wanna do.
Do you wanna run a dungeon?

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4 Responses to Do you Wanna Run a Dungeon?

  1. Amie Meeks says:

    OMG I love it. Great job 🙂


  2. Mattauka says:

    xD Nicely done! Reminds me of my low health macro for my druid 🙂 “Hey I just met you.. and this is crazy, my health is dropping. So heal me.. maybe?”


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