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So Eirtakon ended Sunday but today I am still feeling the same excitement I felt as I had done all weekend. This blog post is going to be short and sweet because if I was to chat about everything that I loved … Continue reading

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Evolve Alpha.

Howdy folks. So a couple of  weekends ago we got a little taste of what Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead’s new game Evolve, is all about. Evolve’s hype did not sell it short. The game, so far, is a … Continue reading

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Focussed versus Interconnected Gameplay

Recently, a few of us got to try the Evolve Big Alpha.  I’m not entirely sure what the practical difference is between Alpha and Beta testing anymore, but the content we got felt fairly finished.  The point, I believe, was … Continue reading

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Blizzcon 2014 Day One

So Blizzcon 2014 day one is over and wow was it an awesome night. Things kicked off with a very touching and poignant statement on the main stage by President and Co-Founder Michael Morhaime. He touched on recent events in the … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Horror Game?

The first really excellent horror game that I experienced was Silent Hill 2.  I’d played plenty of games with monsters, but I’d never experienced so much tension and fear.  The series made a huge impression because it was so obvious that they’d … Continue reading

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Have Games Lost Their Innocence?

This article originally appeared here When I was a kid, a game was running around with my friends playing Ghostbusters. Video games were something very different, something you tended to play alone, or maybe with one extra player. The pinnacle … Continue reading

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