Girls Get Gaming 2015.

Howdy folks!

I wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect from us here at Girls Get Gaming for the coming year.  We are going to try to do more. More what? Well gaming for a start. We will hopefully be going to more conventions, playing a wider range and genre of games, commenting on pressing issues we feel are important and, most of all, having fun while doing it.

We have decided to do a board gaming video log of sorts where we play through a game while talking and chatting about various news and events which just happen to pop into our heads at the time. This will maybe be a once a week thing and the videos will be uploaded every Wednesday. Our first video is below and while we may have a lot to do in relation to camera work and preparation etc I think it was a success. So check it out and let us know what you think, how we can improve and anything else you wish to add:


We will also be looking into live streaming on Twitch!  The details for that are not solid yet but I figure, what the hey, worth a mention anyway.

We are, of course, a musical bunch here and are hoping to record and maybe video more of those mash-up’s soon. Friends, we will be roping you into these things but remember its all in the spirit of fun.

My co-inquisitor Shiv and I started this venture last year for a number of reasons, which I will probably explain in detail in another blog post, but the main reason was to have fun and we hope to continue to do that throughout this year.

We hope you all stick around for the ride and those that have commented, shared and liked what we have done so far,thank you so much, it is very much appreciated and we look forward to carrying on this journey with you.

– Christine

CHRISTINEChristine is an avid gamer and comic enthusiast with a passion for waffling She grew up on console games and sugar but is currently veering off into PC gaming territory although she still hasn’t grasped WASD. Originally growing up she wanted to be a Superhero but had to settle on model making and design instead…she didn’t look good in a cape. Her goal in life is to succeed in something but unfortunately there was too many bugs in the coding so she is still stuck in beta. She currently works from home as a freelance artist.

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