Fight Club 3 for Pathfinder – Character Sheets are Obsolete!

It’s been quite a while, but we’re starting up a D&D, Pathfinder session again.  A friend is coming over to the Girls Get Gaming house once a week to run it for us, and since we’re all a bit rusty he’s starting at level one.


Wow, there some 3.5 books in there…

Now I absolutely love Pathfinder.  I’m primarily a role player rather than a rules person, but building the character’s stats and collecting the equipment is just so satisfying.  Unlike most pencil and paper gamers, however, I am not a fan of character sheets.


I was playing Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights years before I rolled a d20.  I understood that these games were based on D&D, but I hated the idea of having to calculate everything myself.  That’s what computers are for, they do all the boring stuff in the background so we can focus on having fun?  It’s not that I don’t like maths, I just don’t like repetitive, endless addition.


Who’s idea was THACO anyway?!?

When I was converted to role playing, it was through narrative heavy, rules light systems, but I had to play D&D eventually, and surprise, surprise, I loved it.  Predictably, years later, I’m still not a fan of character sheets.  So when it came to rolling up a new Barbarian, I took out my iPad and searched for an app.

One of these aps is not like the other.

One of these aps is not like the others…

I’ve done this a lot.  Whether it’s an app or an interactive PDF, I’ve never found anything that quite ticked all the boxes before.  But this time I got lucky.


The right side of the screen scrolls through much more info, but this is what’s important. The skills filter, but you can show all too.

A deceptively simple creature, called Fight Club, has everything I need.  It calculates my hit and damage based on stats, equipment and any custom bonuses, items or conditions I need to add. The basic stuff is built in, but you can make custom anything, whether it’s race, class or equipment.  It pretty much does everything a character sheet does, plus custom dice rolls, plus all the boring addition.


This is the edit screen, you can do a lot calculations here that will update with further level or ability score changes.

The only issue I had involved the fact that I’m building my first ever barbarian.  You can’t set a list of conditions to turn on and off on a regular basis, such as rage. You have to fill in all the bonuses an penalties every time.  Thankfully, the dev’s facebook page was super helpful, and now I’m using custom items to equip and unequip my rage, so to speak.

I keep my rage in my breast pocket for emergencies!

I keep my rage in my breast pocket for emergencies!

This app has me seriously excited about leveling up and making an attempt at a barbarian/monk multi-class.  But most of all I’m looking forward to smashing some zombie skulls!

– Siobhan

SiobhanSiobhan is an artist who was raised on every type of game and make believe.  She grew up rescuing fuzzy animals and the occasional princess, slaying monsters and competing with her older brother.  Now she’s a fan of befriending monsters, playing co-op and getting lost in a good story.  When she’s not gaming, Siobhan works as a 3D artist in Brown Bag Films, enjoys anime, writing and crafts.

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