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Ireland Cosplay Convention

This year was the return of Irelands foremost Cosplay Convention to the Red Cow Hotel. The Convention was packed with con-goes, artist selling their wares and doing on the spot commissions and number of small businesses pimping their work, such as … Continue reading

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Transylvania Curses and Traitors – Let’s Play Board Games

Not a bad game on the first play through.  Easy to pick up and simple to explain.  Good keys, good art, good gender diversity, almost no racial diversity at all.  The character designs were pretty hit and miss.  Apparently, the … Continue reading

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Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa) – Review

Never Alone is a narrative platformer developed by Upper One Games, an indigenous games company belonging to the Cook Inlet Tribal Council in Alaska.  Iñupiat elders were at the heart of the writing, collaborating with the developers to portray a … Continue reading

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Herald Fan Art

I often start artsy things and I very rarely finish them, but I just about managed to keep going with this one. It was all inspired by the tarots from Dragon Age Inquisition.  All your disciples (followers and advisors) have … Continue reading

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So Eirtakon ended Sunday but today I am still feeling the same excitement I felt as I had done all weekend. This blog post is going to be short and sweet because if I was to chat about everything that I loved … Continue reading

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Animation Art Show

Every year at, what seems to me, a random point somewhere in Autumn, the animation community in Ireland comes together to show off their stuff and raise money for the kiddies.  They call it the Animation Art Show and it’s … Continue reading

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