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Fight Club 3 for Pathfinder – Character Sheets are Obsolete!

It’s been quite a while, but we’re starting up a D&D, Pathfinder session again.¬† A friend is coming over to the Girls Get Gaming house once a week to run it for us, and since we’re all a bit rusty … Continue reading

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Sword and Sworcery EP – Review

About a week ago I was lying in bed, awake but not ready to get up yet so I pulled out my iPad and went in search of a new RPG to try. ¬†There are a lot of repurposed old … Continue reading

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Charming graphics and clever mechanics aside, however, it didn’t engage me for long. The pacing starts out well and then slows progressively, making it less and less rewarding to spend time in your world. Things I could do with a click near the start of a game, suddenly require resources or take much longer. It breaks that simple rule in game design that it’s never good to take something away. It felt like I got less and less powerful as the game went on. Continue reading

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